Ron Dawson is an accomplished screenwriter, director, award-winning video producer, speaker and author. He is the founder and president of Dare Dreamer Media, a boutique new media marketing agency and production company specializing in online marketing and viral videos. For the second consecutive year, he was named to the EventDV 25, one of the top 25 event videographers in the industry as voted by his peers.

Ron is also host and producer of the weekly photographers podcast, F-Stop Beyond (both the video and audio versions). Billed as the “Fresh Air” of photography, beyond business and branding, Ron gets into the heart and soul of the guest. Ron gets personal with some of the nation’s leading photographers from all fields.

As a producer of original online entertainment, Ron has produced or co-produced a number of other programming including Me2WeTV, Real Women Scrap TV, F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color, and a handful of Dane Sanders‘ Photo Minute series. Most recently, Ron was the creator and executive producer of the first online reality TV show for and about professional photographers, “The Longest Day.”

In July 2009, he and his wife released ReFocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business, published by PeachPit Press.

A little known fact about Ron: he used to dance on a professional swing dance lindy hop troupe in Los Angeles. Besides dance, his passion includes good movies, good television (watching episodes of “Lost,”, “Heroes” and “The Office” on DVD) and serving in his church.